“When the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize Committee honors ‘one of us locals’ with the Peace Prize, then it indeed honors all who endeavor in similar work, as well as those who support such activities and advocacy by others.”

2006 Laureate Bill Lincoln,

Conflict Resolution, Research and Resource Institute



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It is our wish that peace become reality in every corner of the world. Until that time may arrive, we honor those who work toward the accomplishment of that goal. Those individuals who focus on the building of peace in its many definitions are a continuing source of inspiration for all of us. (Click here to read further remarks made by GTPP Founding Chair Tom Heavey.)

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"PEACE in ACTION!" - Refugee Project Results

Thank you to everyone who donated items, money, and time to the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize Refugee Project. Because of your generosity, the Kit Assembly Team was able to put together six #1 Kitchen Kits and six #2 Kitchen Kits, and one kit was put together by the donor, for a total of 13 kits!

Each #1 Kit contains: Plates and bowls for 6; cups, glasses, and mugs for six; silverware (place settings for six); silverware tray; at least two dish towels; two potholders; paper towels and holder; dish/hand soap; trash can; and trash bags.

Each #2 Kit contains: plastic storage containers; 2 -3 mixing bowls; frying pan; small and large pots with lids; glass baking dishes; cutting board; large carving knife; small paring knife; spatula; and a can opener.

The kits went to Lutheran Social Services in Tacoma, WA, who will distribute them as needed to refugees in our area.

Thanks also to the Scandinavian Cultural Center at Pacific Lutheran University and St. Mark’s Lutheran Church By the Narrows for promoting the project in their newsletters.

Laureate Recognition Banquet
Honoring 2016 Laureate Theresa Pan Hosley

Institute for Peace and Dialogue International Winter Programs,