The Greater Tacoma Peace Prize

How You Can Participate

You can participate by

  • submitting a nomination for the Prize.
  • asking us to make a presentation about the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize to your club, group, or community organization.
  • making a contribution in order to help us insure that the Prize is a special honor for each laureate.

"Making Peace Local" since 2005






Who may submit a nomination?

Anyone may nominate, but a nomination will not be considered unless all criteria are met.


What are the criteria for a nominee?

The nominee must be an individual or organization located in the the greater Tacoma area. Further instructions can be found on the nomination form.


When are nominations accepted?

Nominations may be submitted after January 1 and must be postmarked no later than March 31.


When is the Prize announced and awarded?

The name of the recipient will be announced in April, and the award will be presented at the 2015 GTPP Banquet. (More information about the banquet coming soon.)


More information about the nomination process and nominee requirements can be found on the nomination form.

Request a Presentation 


We would enjoy making a presentation about the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize to your group or organization and answering any questions you may have. We have put together a short video about the Prize - its origins, laureates, awards, and Nobel Peace Prize activities in Oslo, Norway. Please contact us about visiting your group.

Make a Contribution


The GTPP depends on contributions of any amount from businesses, organizations, and individuals ....


You may send your donation directly to the GTPP postal address.