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The Greater Tacoma Peace Prize (GTPP) is raising funds to support refugees. The need is URGENT! Most refugees arrive here with next to nothing, but you can help refugee families as they rebuild their lives here by donating funds to GTPP, and we will then purchase and put together the items into “Kitchen Kits” used by Lutheran Community Services Northwest (LCSNW) in their placement of refugees. 100% of your donation will go to putting these kits together – to purchase items like pots and pans, cutlery, and various other kitchen supplies. GTPP will put the kits together.
One Kitchen Kit costs about $200, but any amount is very much appreciated! Any additional donations over the fundraising goal of this campaign ($2,000) will go directly to LCSNW. We thank you for joining us in this effort!

CRPF Anti-Racism Statement

From our friends at the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation.
Find the statement online here: CRPF Anti-Racism Statement

March 19, 2021

The Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation (CRPF) stands in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community as it faces an upsurge of hate crimes and racism.

Eight people were recently killed in Atlanta including six Asian women. We cannot allow racial hate crimes to be rebranded as economic anxiety or a sexual addiction. We condemn without equivocation the hate crimes taking place across our country against our AAPI community and family.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are today and have been in the past an integral part of our nation. They are an essential part of the diversity of experience and vision that are the key to our future.

CRPF was founded to address the legacy of anti-Asian violence of the late 19th century. That mission is still, sadly, a necessary part of our mission today.

The Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation is committed to fighting this and all forms of racism as part of its long-term commitment to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in the Tacoma-Pierce County Region.

Our hearts are with all of those who lost loved ones this month in the Atlanta area as well as all of those around the country who have suffered racist attacks during this past pandemic year.

The ignorant but intentional, violent and racist attacks against our AAPI friends and neighbors must stop.


Theresa Pan Hosley, President
Anne Tsuneishi
Bill Evans
Calvin Pearson
Clarita Grant
Erling Kuester
Greg Youtz
Jill Magnuson
Larry Hosley
Lotus Perry
Lucy Zhou
Minh-Anh Hodge
Myrna Loy-Zolyomi
Patrick Pow
Yanjie Lu
Suzanne Barnett, Board Member Emerita

A Note from Janet about Events at the US Capitol

Dear Friends of the GTPP,
Wednesday’s horrific and appalling assault on our nation’s Capitol shocked and saddened me. It is impossible to find the right words to express my disappointment and horror. However, 6 January 2021 clearly shows that the work of peacemakers and peace teachers is more important than ever here in America! On a positive note – I am certain that it will spur more people than ever to work for peace in America and in the greater Tacoma area!

Please note that, due to ramifications of the pandemic, the Board of the GTPP decided that we will not take nominations for a 2021 Laureate; 2020 Laureate Marilyn Kimmerling will remain as Laureate for 2021. We encourage you …

a) to be “on the look-out” for this year’s peacemakers and peace teachers as potential nominees for the 2022 GTPP Laureate, and

b) to submit your nominations next January through March.

This fall, as we hopefully return to a more “normal” schedule, GTPP will celebrate Marilyn Kimmerling at our Laureate Recognition Banquet, and she will travel to Norway in December for the Nobel Peace Prize.

I thank God for each of you.
We need more of you.

The mission of the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize:
“In the firm belief that peace begins locally, the Greater Tacoma Peace prize recognizes, supports and advances peace-building and peacemaking by local citizens and institutions and for those they impact, in order to further promote, achieve and sustain peace, justice and reconciliation at home and abroad.”

The GTPP Board of Directors
Tom Heavey, Founder
Lisa Ottoson
Clare Petrich
Janet L. Ruud, President
Ksenija Simic-Muller
Tonia Simpson, Secretary
Carol Snyder, Treasurer
Willie C. Stewart, Sr.

GTPP Laureate Marilyn Kimmerling Interviewed by Tacoma Cityline – July 16, 2020

2020 Greater Tacoma Peace Prize Laureate: Marilyn Kimmerling – Cityline – July 16, 2020

The Greater Tacoma Peace Prize is an award that recognizes, honors and encourages peace-building by members of the community and who have promoted peace locally, nationally and internationally. Meet our 2020 Greater Tacoma Peace Prize Laureate: Marilyn Kimmerling.

Watch the video below:

2020 GTPP Laureate Recognition Banquet Postponed

After careful consideration, the GTPP Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 Laureate recognition banquet which we normally hold in the fall. Our first priority is to ensure the safety of our laureate and all who attend, so we have yet to set a date and venue for this event. Please know that we will make every effort to do so when it is safely possible. Thank you for your understanding, and most of all, for your continued support of our mission to honor the peacemakers in our community.

Federal Executive Institute: Remembering Bill Lincoln

By Colin Gwin, LDS 423

“Negotiating a peaceful transfer of power between the Sandinistas and the National Opposition Union in Nicaragua in early 1990 was not a sit-down job. Government records had been systematically destroyed, bribes payed, and laws broken. But change was in the air, and if two sides were at the table—no matter how acrimonious the relations—then both of them had something in common.

Negotiating a pause in the 1964 Rochester race riots, to allow firefighters in to try to save the neighborhoods, wasn’t really a sit-down job either. From Afghanistan to Wounded Knee, Bill Lincoln often found himself an interesting footnote to some of the world’s most significant conflicts, and he probably liked it that way: His first lesson to potential mediators was, “Don’t make it about you.”

Yet that is where Bill found himself—the center of attention, sitting comfortably in front of a class at FEI in 2016, working through his Strategic Negotiation lesson plan and offering tales of the negotiations that almost went bad—tales that made more than a few students look around in disbelief… “

Read the entire post on FEI’s website here: https://www.feiaa.org/page/020April20-08-remember

Bill Lincoln, Beloved Board Member and 2006 Laureate Has Died

TACOMA– It is with great sadness that the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize Board of Directors announces the death of beloved Board member and 2006 Greater Tacoma Peace Prize Laureate William Fawcett Lincoln, who succumbed to complications from leukemia on March 21, 2020.   

“Bill served our Board with great commitment. He leaves a legacy of incredible training acumen, conflict resolution, and passion for justice recognized by all of us, as fellow colleagues who came to know him for his negotiation skills and passion for the cause of peace.” 

Thomas Heavey, GTPP Founder

Bill was a revered and treasured member of the Board of Directors of the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize, and was one of the early laureates (2006 – along with Polly Davis and Dawn Hooper), recognized for his work at the Conflict Resolution, Research and Resource Institute (CRI).The mission of CRI was to teach and practice the prevention, management, and resolution of conflict in the community, the nation and the world.  Just a few examples of their work include the following:

William Fawcett Lincoln (1940-2020)
  • Settling of a dispute between community, city and natural resources and wildlife representatives in the upper Kittitas County here in Washington state
  • Collaborative negotiations, training and mediation education for the Central American region and key groups of the population in San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Development of the Sudan-American Program for Peace (S-APP) in association with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sudan Council of Churches
  • Practical experience in negotiation and facilitation on a project with the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Warsaw, Poland
  • Long-term collaboration on the subjects of conflict prevention, management and resolution with organizations like the Russian-American Program on Conflictology at the University of St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Many years of instruction in Strategic Negotiations at the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, VA and at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA.

In 2004, Mr. Lincoln received the Annual Award of Excellence by the International Academy of Mediators. Bill has been recognized as a pioneer in mediation and negotiation theory and practice. He was a federal commissioner who helped found the United States Institute of Peace, he had extensive experience working in hot spots – Wounded Knee, Walpole Prison, with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, the URNG in Guatemala in preparation for the UN-sanctioned peace talks and with warlords in Afghanistan. Bill is a co-founder of the Russian-American Programs for Peace which started the first graduate program in conflict resolution in Russia. 

Many practitioners in our region have been trained by Bill whether as members of his early mediation training programs at Antioch, or through the State of Washington Career Executive Programs or through the Pierce County Dispute Resolution Center of which he was a founder. He was also involved in training negotiators with the United Nations food safety program.  

In the past five years, Bill devoted much of his time, energy, and support to the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize, while also teaching Strategic Negotiations as Senior Lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School and the Federal Executive Institute.  He was passionate about the mission of GTPP – to recognize and honor Peacemakers in the local community. First awarded in 2005 during the Centennial celebration of Norway’s independence, the award has its roots in Norwegian-American culture. Laureates of the Peace Prize are given a banquet in their honor, a medallion, a unique piece of locally made glass art, and a trip for two to Oslo, Norway to attend the festivities surrounding the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Peace. 

Bill lived his life deeply and with intent. Our sympathies are extended to partner, his children and extended family (to whom Bill was devoted), and all who knew and loved him.  His presence, intellect, and tremendous dedication to make the world a better, kinder and more understanding place will be deeply missed.  

When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, the world will know Peace. (Jimi Hendrix)


Greater Tacoma Peace Prize
Thomas Heavey tom@tacomapeaceprize.org