Black Lives Matter

A Statement From The Greater Tacoma Peace Prize

We, the members of the Board of the Greater Tacoma Peace Prize are outraged and deeply saddened that yet another black life has been taken by police. We grieve with the families and friends of Manuel Ellis, George Floyd, and all victims of racial injustice. We fear for our nation. We commend and we support the peaceful protestors who line the streets of America demanding meaningful structural change, leading to true peace and justice for all.

We add our voices to all who condemn the appalling use of brutal force by law enforcement, to those who believe that all people not only deserve, but must have equal access to education, health care, respect, and a life lived without fear. We need our police officers to become PEACE officers.

We look to local leaders to guide us through these painful times, as Tacoma Peace Prize laureates have done in the past, among them Dawn Lucien, Thomas Dixon, David Alger, Melannie Cunningham, Willie Stewart – to name just a few.

We are proud of our affiliation with them and look to others like them to guide us in the quest for peace and racial justice. We believe that law enforcement (no, ALL of us) must be educated about violence, and we encourage all to read a powerful statement from Lutheran Bishop Richard Jaech.